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The history of the formation of the primary trade-union organization in RUE "Minskaya Pharmacia"

The history of the pharmacy workers trade union movement in Minsk region is closely linked with the history of development of our Republic. The trade union organization was organized in the 50s of the last century. At different times it was headed by Fedorov Vitaly Andreevich, Afanasiev Petr Dmitrievich, Lunkevich Zinaida Ivanovna.

From 1977 to 1989, the trade union organization was headed by the inspector of HR department Tsukanova Evgenia Aleksandrovna. These were the years of creation, acceptance and implementation of five-year plans to build socialism. The work of the trade union organization was based on the active participation of the pharmacy workers in the fulfillment of socialist obligations. Political information courses were conducted regularly, innovative schools actively worked in pharmacies, the editorial board regularly produced wall newspapers, the mutual assistance fund operated with the trade union committee for a long time. The trade union committee actively participated in summarizing the results of socialist competition. Every year tourist trips were organized for the best trade union workers of the region. The members of the trade union had an opportunity to visit many wonderful places of the Soviet Union: Armenia, Zakarpatye, the Baltic States, Central Asia, Karelia, as well as to visit museums, art galleries in Moscow and Leningrad, the museum cities of Samarkand and Bukhara, Kizhi. All this made it possible to bring the team of pharmacy workers in the region together, to raise their education and cultural awareness. Art competitions for children of pharmacy workers were held. Special shows and gifts were prepared for the New Year.

From 1989 to 1992, Kiselev Leonid Arkhipovich was elected chairman of the trade union organization. These were the years of "perestroika". All goods were distributed with cards (coupons). Many goods were sold from the stores with the help of the letters from trade union organizations and distributed among the members of the trade union.

From 1993 to 2009, the trade union organization of the region was headed by Natalia Alexandrovna Sapranovich. Many pharmacy workers had left the trade union organization. It was necessary to start a lot of things from the very beginning. Life experience has proved that trade unions are the only mass organizations survived from Soviet times that protect the interests and rights of the employees. The basic protective function of the trade union is a collective agreement that truly allows protecting the rights and interests of employees.

Since December 2009 Natalia Vladimirovna Novikova has been elected the chairman of the trade union organization of RUE "Minskaya Pharmacia". The new chairman continues the traditions formed in the trade union organization.

Every year the heads of pharmacies and trade union committees pay more attention to the development of physical culture and sports as a means of employees’ rehabilitation reducing morbidity and improving the health of employees and their families, forming a healthy lifestyle and the rational recreation activities.

The trade union of RUE "Minskaya Pharmacia" initiated a healthy lifestyle by purchasing skis, tourist tents, installing a tennis table and other sports equipment in the chemist's warehouse.

Members of the trade union take an active part in sports events, regional competitions in various sports. Teams of pharmacy workers are awarded with diplomas for achieving high results, children of pharmacy employees also take an active part in contests, special gifts are bought for the New Year, cultural trips to the theater, circus and etc. are organized. Republican contests of amateur art groups and individual performers are held annually in order to attract employees to folk art, develop national pride with the means of folk art, and activate cultural recreation. Employees of pharmacy organizations take an active part in them.

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