We take care of your health. We think about the future.

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We take care of your health, we think about the future!

The work of Trade and Production Republican Unitary Enterprise "Minskaya Pharmacia" is aimed at the most complete, timely and guaranteed provision of the effective, high-quality and safe medicines, medical products and other goods of the pharmacy range for the population and health organizations of Minsk region.

"As at 01.07.2016 the structure of RUE" Minskaya Pharmacia"includes:

·· Pharmacy warehouse;

· Control and analytical laboratory;

· 281 pharmacies, 90 of them are located in rural settlements."

 Medical workers also carry out the retail sales of medicines and other goods of the pharmacy range in almost all the most remote villages and settlements in virtually every healthcare organization in order to make medicinal assistance more accessible to the residents of remote villages in Minsk region.

 As at 01.07.2016 the pharmacy warehouse provides medicines, medical products and other goods of the pharmacy range to 174 pharmacies, 40 health organizations and 37 other organizations (sanatoriums, residential centers, etc.).

 Guaranteed quality and the most complete range of medicines, efficiency, professionalism and compliance with all the social guarantees are the basic priorities of the enterprise.

Today, the assortment of goods sold by the enterprise is represented by more than 5 400 items, including not only medicines, but also medical products, perfumes and cosmetics, biologically active additives, products for children and other goods. A significant share of goods, more than 37%, in the range of RUE "Minskaya Pharmatsiya" is occupied by domestically produced products.

 Taking into account modern competitive environment one of the main and most significant advantages of the enterprise is strict control over the quality of the goods sold. All drugs are tested in the quality control laboratory and only after that they get permission to be sold and are sent to the pharmacy network and healthcare organizations.

HR policy of the company is aimed at staffing the subordinated pharmacy network in urban and rural areas with specialists in pharmaceutics, rational use and professional development of human resources. Clear functioning of the enterprise is possible only thanks to the well-coordinated work of the employees.

 Recently, the attitude towards working with personnel in the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Minskaya Pharmacia" has significantly changed. Higher qualifications of employees, social values and industrial ethics have been required

Today, the company employs over 1,200 people, including more than 700 (58%) pharmacists and druggists.

Special attention is paid to professional adaptation and consolidation of young specialists in the pharmacy network of Minsk region. To do this, additional paid holidays are provided to workers who combine work with distance education, partial payment for accommodation is carried out according to residential lease contracts, specialists in need of housing are assisted through local district executive committees for getting places in a hostel and the prospects for building apartments in housing and communal services and Etc..

To achieve high performance of each employee in particular, and the company as a whole, pharmacies organize convenient workplaces that meet the requirements of proper pharmacy practice and create a comfortable atmosphere for visitors.

To ensure effective operation, the information technologies of the enterprise have been transferred to a qualitatively new level in recent years. Thus, an information system for the registration and management of a pharmacy warehouse on the platform of "1C: Enterprise 8.2" with integrated accounting in it has been introduced in RUE "Minskaya Pharmatsiya". Currently, the work is underway to introduce the information system "Belarusian Pharmacy" in the subordinate pharmacy network.

In our plans for the future, the company intends to stay the course: improving the quality of medicinal assistance provided to the population and healthcare organizations of the region, maintaining and improving the level of the financial and economic state of the enterprise, strengthening and upgrading the material and technical base, and raising the level of information technologies.

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